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Never have nothing to wear moment with these two #OOTDs. Yes girls today I am sharing two easy OOTD which is simple and stylish at the same time, especially for those girls who is lazy like me and don’t want to waste much time and energy to think like WHAT IL WEAR TODAY??? WHAT I WILL DO NOW??? I NEED NEW CLOTHS?? I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR??? ETC ETC.

That’s why I thought of sharing my simple OOTD with you all and you can play more with it if  you want and can also replace  as per your choice and personality .Hope you like my simply casual look and helps you creating the same or related.

Also guys I am featuring RED WOLFT-shirts in this blog. When I received these tees my 1’st reaction was wow look at the quality of the product, yes guys you must check this page and website, as they have super quality products and also they make official merchandise product whether its  tees,phone covers,notbooks etc.I just loved it.

Let’s jump into pictures now.


img_4131  img_4105    img_4138

I made this look easy just with the white graphic tee with denim skirt and completing whole look with bag pack and converse. which is most comfortable and stylish .Also this is the days when I don’t feel like to wear denims so you can go with any skirts or maybe cotton pants, pallazo etc. done you  good to go for long day out.

2nd one

This must be most popular and favraite look who love and obsessed with boyfriend jeans , yes I am too!! This look is most funky stylish and very much comfortable .I am wearing OKEY OKEY printed tee with boyfriend denim and pairing up with same stuff from earlier look as  I said I am very lazy to think and change bags every day , anyways, I also loved this OKEY OKEY Tee especially when you want to shut someone’s mouth!!! Ha-ha just kidding.






So yes this was my 2 simple OOTD for long day, girls wear want you love and feel comfortable You don’t need to take stress or feel pressure about what you going to wear everytim. As we always say WHO CARES, BUT I LIKE.


T-shirts – RED WOLF

Denim – forever21

Bagpack – stalkbuylove



Differently same look with bewakoof.com

Hello lovelies,

Hope you all doing well, And today’s post we both sharing individual and duo pictures so again we collaborate with bevkuf ( http://www.bewakoof.com ) as they have updated their collection with new t-shirt dresses [https://www.bewakoof.com/category/t-shirt-dresses-for-women-online-india ]   and we have styled same kind of dress in a different ways.

Let’s go back to the time once we fell in love with sporty look, and the new season sport is less Olympian and more street style. One good thing about bewakoof ( http://www.bawakoof.com/ ) is they deliver sporty, comfy easy yet stylish cloths.

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people who know Siddhi well, they know that she always put comfort over fashion, and if you following her on Instagram she already styled black dress as a one piece enough times so this time she decided to go with look which is comfortable and for those who are not comfortable wearing their dresses as one piece, and still want to look stylish, this look by Siddhi is a great example.

Wear your T-Shirt dress ( https://www.bewakoof.com/category/t-shirt-dresses-for-women-online-india  ) pairing with any denims or legging and jeggings and here you good to go.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Sneha layered a denim shirt over a T-shirt dress [ https://www.bewakoof.com/category/t-shirt-dresses-for-women-online-india ], as she loves layering cloths, and to completing whole look with denim bag pack and kitten heels.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Processed with VSCO

Hope it helped you all to style T-Shirt dresses and you can also add your own individual style without thinking of what other people say keeping in mind,

‘Who cares…? But I Like’

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simply BEWAKOOF-IN joggers and crop

Hey all,

Here we come with Another collaboration with bewakoof  [ https://www.instagram.com/bewakoofofficial/ ]. In Today’s post sneha is going to share her simple daily look in crop [ https://www.bewakoof.com/collection/crop-tops-for-women ] and joggers [ https://www.bewakoof.com/category/jogger-pants-for-women ]   from bewakoof.com . When it comes to daily look comfortable is key and that’s what we love about joggers and plain comfy crop tops, and you can carry this look easily whether you going to meet friends, long walks or movies as well.

Let’s jump into pictures



Sneha Chedda 160802 14

Sneha Chedda 160802 18

Sneha Chedda 160802 32

Sneha Chedda 160802 31

Sneha Chedda 160802 33

Sneha Chedda 160802 19

Sneha is wearing black plain crop ( https://www.bewakoof.com/collection/crop-tops-for-women )  with mint joggers [ https://www.bewakoof.com/category/jogger-pants-for-women  ]    (no black for a change) and black converse to complete the whole look.

This is simplest and easiest look you all can carry this look and get this look at bewakoof.com direct link below
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Little White Dress

Hey lovelies,
                    Here’s we are starting fresh week  with the  new fresh blogpost. Today’s post is about ‘little white dress’  from http://www.stalkbuylove.com/
  Every girl must be loving boho look and always wanted to give such look with maxi, silver necklace, hat and so many other things. Boho fashion is not only in trend, but also its suitable for all seasons and occasions whether beach look, lunch or outing.
     In todays look sneha giving all boho vibes in her ‘LITTLE WHITE DRESS’ [LWD] which is boho itself and Pairing up with fringe  boots and sling. Also silver choker is adding extra attention to complete boho look .
Scroll  down to enjoy boholook 👇🏻
Sneha Chedda 160722 12
Sneha Chedda 160722 18
Sneha Chedda 160722 10
Sneha Chedda 160722 03

Sneha Chedda 160722 15

Sneha Chedda 160722 04

Sneha Chedda 160722 07

Sneha Chedda 160722 13


White dress – STALKBUYLOVE

Black boots – BATA

Fringe sling – GLOBUS

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Winter look book (part 1)

Finally !!! Winter is here and can’t wait to wear all my winter clothes and yes will definitely share each looks with you all. What I like about winter is that we can wear as many cloths we wants to wear all together and also layering and Playing with cardigans, jackets, capes etc .
Let’s talk about today’s look, sneha loves to layer so many things and this season she is going to kill when it comes to layering!!! Hahaha jokes apart and let’s look all the pictures.









Cardigan and stockings are the great addition to your wardrobe this winter season and completes whole winter look. and also sneha is wearing denim shorts with stockings, those who doesn’t wear shorts for certain reasons, it’s easy way to carry them.
Cardigan – rimyrah

Tee – _27 dresses

Shorts – fusspot

Bag – stalkbuylove

Hope you liked and helped this post and enjoy this cool climate with garam chai ..More post coming up for winter look stay tuned and keep follow us and also don’t forget to check winter collection . From http://www.rimyrah.com
And http://www.stalkbuylove.com


Two ways to style your blazer

Hello lovelies, finally its getting bit cold in Mumbai  and we are super excited to wear all winter cloths and make blog on winter,probably  next blog post

Ok!! So lets talk about todays post,Its about layering blazers.You can give any outfit a different look by layering blazer ,and trust me it gives your whole look stylish and classy touch .Here sneha is layering her edie blazer in 2 different ways which is easy and without  spending to much on new cloths you can get new style, new look.
Scroll Down for the pictures






This seasons boyfriend jeans are everyone’s favorite i am sure you all be agreed, so here sneha mixed up all basics hero of the outfit wil be white blazer only..

2nd look





When it comes to paring white,what comes in your mind?? Black! of-course who doesn’t love monochromic !!!! And always looks classy and trendy  .Sometime  you just don’t want to mix much colors and so this looks like.

http://www.stalkbuylove.com have some great styles in so there is no escaping this trend.

What I wore
White blazer – stalkbuylove
Boyfriend denim – forever21
Black dress – _27dresses
Wedges – hill road bandra
Bag – fuss pot

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Black on Black

Hey their, hope you all read last post and todays post is about the same designs by ‘yamini malani’
I really loved her quirky and trendy collection. And i believe that everyone should   Follow her  concept of ‘ Break the monotony ‘

     One can never have ‘too much’ Black in their closet. Their is no one way to style black, and thats why we say yes to all black. Hence i am wearing ‘Black Net Sleeved cape’ in 2 different looks ,from her recent collection.
  Scroll down and Have a look
1 ‘Basic look’






Heading to a brunch or meetings?? its basic look you can carry simply with wearing all black and trust me it always works!!!!

Now come to  my 2nd look 

‘sassy chic’






I think 1 of essentials for the girls  is a little Black dress. I wanted to wear  my black dress since long, but i wasn’t comfortable wearing tube dress. This sheer cape is the best coverup for my tube dress, and its comfortable and looks so elegant and i am ready for date night !!!!
        What i wore
Black net sheer cape :by yamini malini
Legging :globus
Heels – forever21
Bag – accessorize
Black loafers :forever 21

hope you like this post and give a look to her quirky and stylish collection
Link  http://instagram.com/yaminimalani89
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‘Be comfortable, Be you’

 I always believe in wearing something which is comfortable rather than just because of trend or fashion. Here I am featuring ‘MISSA MORE’s dresses as I am in love with its fabrics. Length is so perfect for this hot weather to feel comfortable throughout the day. I usually avoid wearing dresses in everyday routine but this is something I can wear everyday without pairing or styling with anything. Scroll down for outfit details.

Look 1





Look 2






Dresses: missa more clothing

Bag: maxindia

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Fleek chic

Hey beauties, trust you all are doing great!! A quick question. Do you have a hard time finding an outfit that’s comfortably casual yet totally stylish? Our fashion blogger Bhumika have prepared this post (Even after a busy schedule) just for the inspiration you need. … Continue reading Fleek chic

Walk on the street!

Hello lovelies, First of all Happy Eid to all, today on a blog is all about easy simple street-style. Street style does not have any specific definition but its the way which you can rock the day without putting much efforts & expense. Yes you can say maximum style with minimum dough. So lets look at the pictures without wasting much of your time.




Here i am wearing simple black Maxi Dress with converse which is my own style statement. For me Black Maxi Dress is a thing must have in every girls wardrobe, you can wear it anytime, whether its a day or night and any occasion with a diffident styles.





I added a denim cap and sling to give a perfect street style. And belive me you dont need to spned much for this look. So keep wering black, because you can never ever go wrong with it.

Maxi Dress – Forever21
Shoes – Converse
Sling – Clark
Denim Cap – Hill Road Bandra

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Lot’s of love
Siddhi Doshi